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What to expect on a bridal fitting and how many do you need?

You have a wedding dress and you need a fittings but you don't know what it involves? Don't you worry, you'll find some helpful information below. This is my process, other bridal specialists might work differently.

When is the first fitting?

The first fitting ideally happens about 6-8 weeks before your collection date (not your wedding date, as you might travel to a destination).

When do you need to book your first fitting?

Ideally, months and months in advance. Why? Because our diary fill up very quickly. The peak season is between March and September, however we are always busy. If you need urgent work done and you have less than 4 weeks until the wedding, please contact us as soon as possible, hopefully we can still accommodate you.

What to bring with you?

When you attend your first fitting, you need to bring your actual wedding shoes! Not only because I'm a shoeaholic but unless we have THE shoes, the length cannot be marked. You'll also need to bring the under garments that you're planning on wearing for your big day; prepare by wearing any shapewear and body tapes as well, as these would effect the fit of your bridal gown.

Duration of your first fitting and what happens:

The first fitting is always longer then the follow-up fittings. Usually it lasts for about 60 minutes. This is the first time the fitter see you in your gown. She would help you put the dress on and fasten it properly. As this is your actual dress, you might want to be careful with make up!

The fitter would carry out the fitting by pinning the areas that needs adjustments and discussing any potential changes. If your dress needs a big transformation, or it's a ballgown with many many layers and a long train, then your first fitting will probably last longer than the usual 60 minutes.

What adjustments a dress need?

Typically a wedding dress need shortening, taking in or letting out at the side seams, sometimes adding panels to make it fit. If you have sleeves, you might need those taken in and if you don't have sleeves, you might consider adding some. Most of the times the shoulders also needs to be lifted and for a strapless dress you might consider adding spaghetti straps or off-shoulder "Bardot" sleeves that can be detachable to change up the look between the ceremony and your reception party!

Once the first fitting is carried out, you receive an order breakdown and contract with the payment options. After that you would decide on the date of your second fitting.

The second fitting

This is when you come back and try on your beautiful wedding dress with the adjustments carried out. If you need further adjustments, this is the time to let your fitter know. The dress would be pinned and notes would be taken again, then have a third fitting arranged.

This means that you would typically have two fittings and unless you've decided to adjust something that you weren't sure about on the first fitting, or you lost or gained a little weight, your dress is ready to be collected.


If you're happy with your dress then you can take it with you on the day or you can pick it up on your pre arranged collection day. If you request steaming then the dress will be fully steamed for your collection date. If you collect the dress earlier (eg. after your second fitting) then it would be ready for you in an hour.

If you have any questions that you feel I didn't address, please feel free to email me at

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